Welcome to the new and improved Wurld Famus Freekland.  This is the official homepage commemorating the works of filmmakers Alex Winter, Tom Stern, and Tim Burns. This is the even newer, more improved archival version of Freekland... now with working links!

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Updated News Section 12-30-2009
Added Tom Stern's Monkey-ed Movies!

From their earliest days of creating short films such as "Squeal of Death" (which originally aired on USA's Night Flights program), to the MTV comedy show "The Idiot Box", to the cult comedy "Freaked", these three have created their own unique brand of comedy. Their style melds slapstick comedy with subversive social satire accompanied by loud underground music from artists on the cutting edge (Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, and Henry Rollins among others) and striking visuals influenced by underground comic creators such as Robert Williams and Big Daddy Roth. 

Here you will find all the latest news and everything you may want to know about these three gentlemen and their continued assault on Hollywood.  You will find biographies, articles, reviews, pictures, and best of all, videos of all their unreleased work.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy a bowl of hot buttered popcorn as you (re)discover the works of Alex Winter, Tom Stern and Tim Burns...

Here is an article from FilmThreat Magazine: The best ever produced on these guys!